Mayor of LA says restrictions aren't making a difference

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Lockdowns, mask mandates, occupancy limits, curfews, and social distancing rules are not making a bit of difference in LA, according to the mayor and the county's chief medical officer in the LA Times on November 19 (link):


“The irony about right now is we are approaching our worst numbers with the same things open as [when] we … had our best numbers” a few weeks ago, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti said this week.


The virus itself hasn’t changed, and there has been little relaxation of the rules. Interviews conducted with people who have recently tested positive for the coronavirus don’t show any significant shifts in behavior compared with a month ago, such as more visits to restaurants or other businesses, said Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, L.A. County’s chief medical officer.


So why are we still doing all this nonsense?  Because it was never about the virus.