It Was Never About The Virus

Posted by thefias co on

The lockdowns never have made a damn bit of sense if you took them at face value. 

How was throwing hundreds of thousands healthy working folks out of a job and destroying the life's work of tens of thousands of small business owners going to help the elderly population who were the only ones at any significant risk?  They could have effectively been protected by minimizing their own contact outside the home and practicing rigorous hygiene around them. 

The lockdowns were obviously irrelevant to the virus and you could feel in your gut that it was just a pretext for some big move on the part of the statists on the left.  When the churches were shut down while abortion clinics and  BLM protestors were exempted, the conviction grew.  

Now it emerges clearly. 

On CNN today: "Job guarantees and free money: 'Utopian' ideas tested in Europe as the pandemic gives governments a new role" (link), in which we learn that "Christine Jardine, a Scottish politician ..., was not a fan of universal basic income before the pandemic hit."  However, 

"Covid-19 has been [a] game changer," Jardine said. "It has meant that we've seen the suggestion of a universal basic income in a completely different light." In her view, the idea — sending cash regularly to all residents, no strings attached — now looks more "pragmatic" than outlandish.

In the next three paragraphs: "She isn't the only one to change her mind.  As the economic crisis sparked by the coronavirus drags on, support in Europe is growing for progressive policies once seen as pipe dreams of the political left." Millions in Germany have applied for UBI, lawmakers in the UK are pushing for similar trials, and Austria has "launched a ... pilot program that will guarantee paying jobs to residents."

Several paragraphs on: "Throughout history, times of crisis have produced large changes in the role government plays in our lives."  And here's an amazing statement: "Job insecurity caused by the pandemic, however, appears to have generated new levels of support for [UBI]."  Get that? It wasn't the politicians who imposed the lockdowns that caused the job insecurity. Nope, it was the pandemic itself.  Convenient how it works out though. Working folks are out of a job, but the progressives have certainly landed on their feet!

So now we understand.  The virus is the opportunity.  As Rahm Emanuel once famously put it, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." The lockdowns are the implement.  The objective is to destroy what was left of a well-functioning economy built on voluntary mutually-beneficial interactions in order to make way for the command economy, ostensibly more just and equitable.  We've seen that movie and we know how it ends.  

At our goal is to begin to dig out from that avalanche of authoritarian scare-propaganda we are all being buried under.  We hope we are opening the terrified rule-followers' minds just a tiny bit wherever we go in our gear.  We'd love for you to join in.

Resist. Refuse. Stand up. Stand out.